Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ándra ï Vráelidan (Into the Countryside)

Hook Head Lighthouse

Another shot of the Hook Head Light

The Dunbrody Famine Ship

One of the many scenic views to be found along the Ring of Kerry

Ladies View Overlook along the Ring of Kerry

A little countryside "kirk"

A magnificent view from the Ring of Kerry

The rocky Highlands and the lowland Moors along the Ring of Kerry

The Southwestern Coast of Ireland

One of the many ancient stone "henges" that dot the Irish countryside

A small Irish township at the foot of the MacGillycuddy's Reeks

The great MacGillucuddy's Reeks

Along the shore of the Kerry Peninsula

St. Brendan the Navigator's holy well, where he baptized a group of Irish pagans before sailing off to discover America nearly 400 years before Leifr Eriksson and 800 years before Christopher Columbus

Crossing from Valentia Island to the Kerry Peninsula on a two-car ferry in the middle of a terrible gale.  Stupid?  Of course.  Dangerous?  Without a doubt.  Fun?  HECK YEAH!!!

The Gap of Dunloe, the highest point in Ireland accessible by road

An old Irish Cottage.  Looks like it could feature in a Thomas Kinkade painting, no?

An Irish Clover Bud

The Irish countryside south of Dublin

I love the lighting and the focus in this shot

This bridge looks like it could be something from some fairytale or something!

The Sky above Corcaigh (Cork)

This is how narrow most (if not all) of the roads are in the Irish Countryside (yes, it is a two-lane road).  No wonder European vehicles are so ridiculously small!  On top of that, there are twelve-foot stone walls about a foot from the road on each side.  Good luck if you meet anyone coming the other direction!

Sugarloaf Mountain


  1. These are great! I wish I could go to Ireland...

    That one with the pink flower in the foreground is amazing.

  2. Loving all the pictures!

    Can you tell me the name and artists of the songs you have on here? They're awesome!

  3. I think I've listened to it three times through by now. Maybe four. So much fun!!!