Thursday, January 28, 2010

Danur Glendalough Monastery Rua

The monastic tower of Glendalough Abbey

The remains of the ancient main gates of the originally massive wall that enclosed much of Glendalough Valley

An ancient Celtic Cross style tombstone

The small chapel, one of the only buildings left standing in Glendalough after the English invasion

The hills surrounding Glendalough Valley

The woods that cover the valley floor reminded me of a mystical Elven vale

A small waterfall

Glendalough Vale

The cascades at the far end of the largest lake in the Glendalough Valley

A ancient cross, one of the oldest in this part of Ireland

Another view of the ancient cross

A picture of the brook that winds down through the valley with the tower and the chapel in the background

Elda Ruéntanï Bruaïn (Ancient Monastic Ruins)

An old back-alley behind one of the Cathedrals in Kilkenny

A cathedral tower in the city of Kilkenny

Old Celtic crosses in a cemetery

The inner courtyard of an old ruined abbey

Another view of this courtyard

Another old Celtic cross

The ruins of an ancient cathedral, burned down by Oliver Cromwell

A reconstruction of ancient "beehive" style huts popular amongst the early Irish hermits