Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Danur Dublin Eire Rua (The Road Through Dublin, Ireland)

Amazing, is it not?  The flight is actually on time!

The skies outside Dulles Airport

Getting there is half the fun!

My first look at Ireland.

The Radisson Hotel, where we stayed while in Dublin.

The Streets of Dublin.

The street sign advertising the Stag's Head Pub.

The Stag's Head Pub; a very nice place to grab lunch.

This is what most of the streets look like in Dublin; and yes, this is a two way street.

One of the many Cathedrals in Dublin.

The Guinness Brewery.

The entrance to the Guinness Storehouse.

A view of Dublin City with the Glendalough Mountains in the distance; taken from the Guinness Tower.

The sprawling Guinness Brewery.

The Brazen Head Pub; oldest pub still in existance in all of Ireland.

The courtyard of the Brazen Head.

Another Cathedral in Dublin.

A row of tenement houses in Dublin. I loved the lighting in this shot.

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin.

The tiling on the floor inside Trinity Cathedral.

A stained glass window inside Trinity Cathedral.

More stained glass windows.

Flags from Ireland's various militaries.  Some date back to the 1400's.

A statue of James Connelly.

Trinity College, Dublin.

On of the little "slips," or alleyways, that riddle Dublin City.

Gogarty's Pub, Dublin.  Famous for their Guinness and Beef Stews.

Live Irish "Trad" music in Gogarty's.

One of the seven famous bridges that cross the River Liffey in Dublin.

The River Liffey in the gloaming.

One of the elaborately painted doors of Dublin.  Each door on each house in the city is painted differently.

An interesting piece of architecture.

Me wearing a crusader's "Great Helm" in the Dublinia Museum.

New Mini, meet the original Mini.